Grief Recovery & Anxiety Management


Anxiety Management

6-Week Anxiety Management Treatment Plan

This is a new program offered at The Wellness Sanctuary.

Certified Crisis Counselor and Certified Anxiety Specialist Tiana Allen

will take you through a series of sessions that will help you therapeutically learn self-healing from

Anxiety, Trauma and Emotional pain. This program is offered both in office and via Tele-Wellbeing

 Our 6 Week Anxiety Treatment Plan consists of a variety of techniques customized to fit the needs of the client. Together we will uncover anxiety triggers while creating a space for you to manage and even overcome emotional pain, panic attacks, PTSD and past trauma.  


Grief and Loss Recovery

 8 Week Grief Recovery Plan

Certified Master Grief Educator, Tiana Allen will guide you through a series of sessions that just may help you create healing for your loss. Similar to the Anxiety Program, we will explore various methods to incorporate in your daily life to assist in discovering the other side of grief. Sessions are to be held both in office and Tele-Wellbeing

 That's right I said RECOVERY! Grief can mean so many things. One can grieve the loss of a loved one, faith/spirituality, relationship, job/business, pet or even oneself. WE know, grief hurts because it can hit HARD. In this 8 week program we work in action plans. This means that every week there will be an activity that will be provided to assist you in sorting out your priorities while working through practical solutions that can help you get back to yourself; i.e. RECOVERY. 



We partner with meditation specialists to provide you with the trainings you need to be able to add meditation as a regular practice to your daily regamin. Downloads and zoom classes are also available


Natural Health Consults

Learn Natural Health Remedies from a Naturopathic Doctor and 

holistic counselor. Remedies include: Immune Boosting Foods, Wellness Hacks and lessons on journaling for Mental Clarity  


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